Friday, June 20, 2014

Flannel Friday--One Dog Canoe

Repetitive books like One Dog Canoe are perfect to tell as flannel board stories because there isn't an elaborate script to memorize. It's basically The Mitten, but in a canoe--animals keep piling in until a small animal (in this case a frog) is the last straw and all the animals all fall out. So, I created this flannel story last year, inspired by Rachel Moani's version. Unfortunately, I can't find a good link to her blog but you can at least see the photo of her completed flannel set. I personally don't have the patience to create elaborate animals out of felt, so I made my version using photos. The girl in the canoe is really me on a camping trip, and the dog is a beautiful Australian Shepherd that I wish was mine :) I got the idea to put myself in the canoe from Rachel's original blog post, so I can't claim that creativity. The animals are laminated clip art or Google images photos that were "labeled for reuse". I did make the canoe out of felt and outlined it in puff paint to give it some depth. I usually use this story with a camping themed storytime, but it would also go well in one about forest animals or even transportation.

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